Saturday, November 20, 2010


          I stumbled across this link on twitter this week and it makes me positively furious.

          Please make sure you take your time to read it.

          I cannot believe that kids are treating each other this way. Well, I take that back. I absolutely can. I got teased a lot in school. For instance, I got called “Judy” for years because of the Lesley Gore song “Judy’s Turn to Cry” that was on a cassette tape of my dad’s that I would listen to on the bus ride to and from school. It destroyed me and who I could’ve become, but it catapulted me onto a totally different path, and I’m happy with that. Now that I’m older I realize how stupid it was to get bent out of shape by that, but as a preteen kid, it’s hard to deal with that kind of torment.
          We, as parents, have got to fix this. Recently I’ve heard of two different cases of teenagers coming out of the closet and them killing themselves because of the repercussions. I don’t care if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle, keep your mouth shut. Bullying has gotten completely out of control in this country. There was also somewhat recently that a mother bullied someone so bad they killed themselves. If ever there was a case for a lynch mob, this is it.
          Set an example for you children and for everyone around you for that matter. It’s one thing to mess around with your friends, but don’t cross that line and make someone feel bad about who they are. It’s completely unacceptable and borderline inhuman. If I catch anyone doing it, I will stand up regardless of who it is. It’s is wrong to devalue someone’s life to enhance you own.
          This is what I like to call the “Pot and Kettle” segment. I’ve been that guy. I’ve been the guy who picked on the gay kid in school. Or the dumb kid. Or whatever, I regret it and I acknowledge that it was wrong. If you recall back to my Fatherhood Blog, I stated that I wanted to put something positive back into this world to negate the negative I spewed forth for so long. This is part of it.
          I refuse to let my kids become bullies and I will teach them to the best of my ability how to handle situations in which they are being bullied or in which their friends are bullying. Please dedicate some time in your life to help prevent this (I can’t find a better word) bullshit from happening to anymore kids. Girls, buy a Star Wars water bottle and rock out with it. I support this nerd in training wholeheartedly (nerd in a good way – not an insult).

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  1. It's scary how out of control it's beginning to get. I think a lot parents are in the dark about it and don't realize (or maybe don't even care) that their kids are doing it. All we can do is teach our boys how to stand up for themselves and how to treat each other. And FYI, it's in a lot of the schools' curriculum now. I teach it. :)