Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Typical Monday

          Today had been, well….a day. In typical Monday fashion, I woke up around 8 to a screaming almost 9 month old. So we got up and we got our day started with a little boost from Folgers (me, not the baby) and started hanging out. Then my 3 year old woke up around 9. Enter Dora the Explorer. So, with my television commandeered, I headed to the computer to work on a super secret project which I was really getting into until I realized that I had to get ready for work, find clean clothes for Thing 1 and Thing 2, and get me and Thing 1 showered and fed lunch. Again, typical Monday.
          I dropped the boys off at my in-laws at noon, and then off to work where any will to do anything but work on my super secret project was missing. All I thought about all day was working on this. Sometimes, being employed sucks (most of the time if you’re me.) So after a very long, very slow day of dreary weather and few customers I am finally home. I do love being home. A little bit of drama with the wife and mother-in-law with two vaguely sick little ones, but all is, for the most part, good.
          Now I’m sitting behind my familiar black and silver Compaq keyboard and I can’t make myself work on my project that I have been so amped about all day. Work fried my brain today and now all I want to do is sit on the couch with something to eat and watch television until bedtime. It’s taking every ounce of creativity and will to sit down and write this blog for tomorrow. The sad part is, is that with Christmas rapidly approaching, I know that work is going to sap me of any desire to think.
It is hard being a working parent because all I want to do is spend time with my kids and occasionally sit behind this old CRT monitor and mash some keys. I really need to be able to make money doing this, that way I could tell the soul-sucking retail industry to kiss my…well, you know. The bright side to today is that I know what I’m working towards. I know I want to be able to be at home more and spend more time with Thing 1 and Thing 2 (and the wife too). I have a goal and I’m going to renew my efforts to try and reach that goal. I will continue to keep up with my blog 6 days a week and hopefully, my brother and I will resume our writing project soon. Plus I have a comic that I need to write more of, a Dungeons and Dragons campaign that I am starting in a couple of days, and my super secret project (which I will talk about after Christmas if all goes well.) I have tons of outlets for my creativity coming up as long as the clothing industry doesn’t commence with the full frontal lobotomy. 

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