Monday, January 31, 2011

This blog has been hijacked

Hello, Readers.  I'm Stacey, and I have taken it upon myself to hijack my husband's blog. I figured it was time for him to give everyone an update.
He has been struggling with a bout of writer's block for the past couple of weeks. He says he "doesn't have anything interesting to write about."  I attempted to explain that the term "interesting" was relative to everyone, but failed to do so, since he still hasn't posted anything.
In an effort to get his readership back, and get the gears in his mind turning and back on track for blogging, I am coming to his readers for help.
Back in November, I did an interview post on my blog where I asked readers to post questions and I would answer them.
I'm going to ask that you all do the same thing for Chris.  Post your questions in the comments section of this blog. Don't be afraid to ask something no matter how silly you might think it is. Ask more than one question if you want. The questions let him know his readers really are out there and are missing his posts and insights from everything on fatherhood to his new found love of hockey. 
Let's get him back to blogging again!!


  1. 1) what's the most important thing about being a father?
    2) if you went to Scotland would you wear a kilt in public?
    3) I'd you could describe why you conceal carry in one sentence what would it be?
    4) what is Gibb's Rule #9?

  2. -What is your favorite thing about Hockey?
    -Do you have a favorite team, or is it just Hockey in general?
    -Looking at our country right now, how would you do things differently? (Hopefully politics are acceptable in this questionnaire.)
    -If you could travel anywhere, do anything, where would you go and what would you do?

  3. Could Batman beat superman if superman didn't hold back?

  4. Any regrets from life or past relationships?

  5. 1. If your wife could change one thing about you, what would that be?
    2. Who is your favorite director?
    3. What talent do you wish you had?
    4. Pick one superpower (flying, invisibility, mind control, etc).
    5. If the proverbial shit hits the fan, where would be the best place on earth to ride it out?
    6. Can you shoot a bow and arrow?
    7. Favorite book, movie, and song?
    8. Live by the ocean or deep in the mountains?
    9. What is a [serious] mistake you've made, and learned from?
    10. You know I can come up with like a hundred of these, right?
    11. What is the most important lesson you want your kids to learn?
    12. How will you teach it to them?

  6. Ooh; got another one (this is actually from a discussion Husband and I were having the other evening) -

    Drawing from past friendships and relationships, what is one trait you knew you would want in the person you would marry, and one trait you knew you would not want?

    Also (told you I could come up with a hundred of these) - what's your position on women in direct combat?

    And most importantly: Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, or Eric Clapton? Pick one to play with.

  7. If you could have your pick of writing jobs, what would be your ideal?

    And I'll answer the last question for you . . . Clapton. :)

  8. @Aleah,
    I think he should say David Gilmour... just sayin'