Sunday, October 10, 2010

First Post.

This blog, most certainly, is not a big deal for anyone who perhaps stumbles upon it. However, this is a big deal for me. For as long as I can remember I've had this store of creative energy in me. At times music has been my muse. Other times it's been poetry or drawing. There have even been thoughts on writing children's books or movie scripts, or comic books, or science fiction/fantasy novels. I have a visceral urge to create and since I’m not good with my hands, my brain has to be my tool of choice.

Writing, for me, has always been mostly joy with a bit of anger and a pinch of necessity. As I look back on my 28 years, rarely have I written for the sake of writing. I am changing my history starting today. I no longer have a teacher or professor breathing down my neck for an argumentative paper. I don’t have an impending project of any sort that I have to complete by a deadline. I will be writing for writing’s sake. I will post something on here at least five days a week just so that I can prove to myself, and to anyone who may be reading, that I can. The advice I keep reading on writing is to write. Quit researching how to write and do it. That’s my plan here. As a father of two and a full time employee of a retail company, time will be scarce, but I promise that an effort will be made to update with some sort of writing, Whether it be a poem, song, short story, an anecdote from my life, my thoughts on a particular topic, or just a stream of consciousness rant, there will be something new five days a week.

Ideally, I would like to make a career doing something involving creative writing. Science fiction/fantasy books have always captured my imagination, as have comic books. (Specifically DC comics.) One (or both) of those fields is what I dream of being involved in and what I will strive from today forward to be a part of. Again I proclaim that my history changes today. Ten years from now I want to look back on 10/10/10 and realize that my new profession began then. I need to change my course and really find something that I truly have a passion for. (Apparently, my passion lies in being a mega-geek.) I need to make this opportunity to succeed for myself and no longer rely on natural aptitude or hoping something will fall into my lap. Today I firmly grasp the reins of my life and I will steer this son of a bitch to success or die trying.

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