Friday, November 12, 2010

Veteran's Day

          Yesterday was Veteran’s Day. It’s a day that as a nation, we are supposed to recognize and honor those individuals throughout our short history who have fought and still fight to keep our freedoms safe. As the son of a weekend warrior for most of my life I understand a fraction of the sacrifice a soldier, seaman, airman, or marine makes. I also understand what most people forget: the sacrifice that the family makes so that their husband/wife/father/son/daughter/mother can continue to fight to preserve our way of life.
          For a long time my mother had a hard time understanding why my father rejoined the Kentucky National Guard when Desert Storm was going on. I was never privy to all of his reasons, but I do remember, and I will for the rest of my days, a letter he wrote to us when his unit was being prepped to go to Iraq in 2003. In that letter he recognized that we might not understand his reasoning for going. He stated “I have to do this, because I have the heart of a lion.” My father was doing this to keep his children and wife safe. He was doing this because he had a bond with American history and wanted to continue to have a great country.
          All of our veterans have hearts like lions. They do what the rest of us can’t. They put their lives on the line for us and for our ideals. The men and women of our armed forces are fierce, loyal, and noble. I appreciate what they do and what they have done for us in the last 234 years. I’ve always tried to make it a point to shake hands with anyone who serves us. I have, on a number of occasions, seen the tears welling up in their eyes when I tell them I appreciate what they do for us. I urge you to do the same. I don’t thank them because of the way it makes me feel, I do it because it is the least that I can do to show my pride and appreciation. Thanks them because they deserve it.

To all of you reading who have served our country or who are serving currently and to those family members of those who have served, thank you for everything that you do to ensure that my way of life remains untainted. I appreciate you and this retail manager and blogger is proud of you.

Special thanks to these men for instilling the values in me which I have today.
Michael Ragsdale
Bernard Ragsdale
Thomas Farley
Gene McGuins

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