Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Proclamation

It's Christmas Eve and I'm at work from 7 till 6:30. It's going to be a long day, but I have a job and that, in and of itself, is something to be thankful for. I'm getting really excited for 2011 because I have decided that this new year will be the year that I make something of myself. Sure, by this time next year I'd love to be writing full time and supporting my family solely off of that, but I know how hard it is to succeed with that. Realistically, I want robbed able to make some sort of income off of my writing within the next year, but it doesn't have to be enough to quit my day job. Come January though, I'm hitting this hard - harder than I have ever hit anything and I am determined to make progress. I know my blogs have been a bit scarce lately and they probably will be for the next several days, but know that if you read this, even vaguely routinely, you'll be invited to come along on my journey of successes and failures as I try to write myself through the new year. So, observe the flashing seatbelt sign, keep your trays in an upright position and be aware of your emergency exits it's going to be one hell of a ride.

To all of my family, friends, and readers: thank you and Merry Christmas! I hope it's the best ever!


  1. still waiting on another post Chris!!! Christmas is over - I'm looking for some entertainment from you and you're letting me down. (Kevin hasn't written since Christmas either - too much Fallout: New Vegas, darn Santa Clause)

  2. This is a fantastic idea that you have! I wish you lots of luck and would be willing to help out in anyway that I can. Ask Stacey - we have been talking books for years! ;)