Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Election Time

          I have seen very few things in my life that enrage people and separate them as strongly as politics. There’s no room for debate, especially among friends, because everyone strongly believes that they are right.
          Belonging to a party, to me, is the problem with our current system. Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans represent me. (The Independents or Green Party or Libertarians either.) I strongly feel that both main parties are at fault for everything bad in this country. The United States was once a super power in the global community. Hell, we were THE superpower for a long time. The sun is starting to set on that day in American History. Countries like China, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, and India are quickly gaining ground and going through their own cultural and industrial revolutions. These countries are producing more resources than us and they are certainly more fiscally responsible than we have become.
In the 1960s the heads of the United States government decided it was best if we switched to a fiat currency system. In short, a currency system that was no longer based on a gold or silver standard. Before that, every dollar in circulation in this country was backed up by gold or silver. Upon this switch, the government was able to basically print money whenever they felt like it. It’s to the point now that they don’t even print it, it just takes a few keystrokes on a computer terminal and it’s created. This is utter nonsense to me. It’s to the point now that without a complete economic collapse, returning to a commodity based currency is highly unlikely. In 2004 there was an estimate given that if we were to return to a gold based system, with the amount of gold the country has versus the amount of dollars in circulation, gold would be over $2800 an ounce. That was six years ago. I my humble opinion, economically, this country is screwed. We’ve turned into the global equivalent of the middle-class suburban family with 2 kids and dog that has more debt than they will ever pay off. The United States has more debt than we have dollars, which means that if we took every single cent from every single person and organization in the country, we would still be in debt. Who manages money like that?  Morons.
In my estimation, our whole political system needs to be torn down and rebuilt as a new entity. We need to get rid of the party system and elect regular people who lead regular lives. We need term limits and we need to not let being in any sort of office become a full time job – or if it is, only for that term, then back to regular life. Lifetime politicians should become a thing of the past. We shouldn’t pay them the exorbitant salaries that they receive. If they cannot continue in their line of work in office, we should compensate them with a salary along the line of which they are familiar. We need farmers and carpenters and union workers and nurses and teachers representing us. Regular. People. Not just lawyers. Law can be a respected profession, but not when you just use to get elected. Knowing the law is one thing, finding loopholes to get your agenda through is another altogether.
The biggest priority should go to representing and holding true to the Constitution of the United States. There are so many instances in which the document on which our country is founded is ignored or deliberately misinterpreted. This has to stop. This all important document is the lynchpin in our society and if we continue to ignore and take advantage of it, we lose complete touch with who we are and the reason that this country was founded to begin with.
As we go into a new dawn of not being the superpower that we once were, we can continue to feel immense pride in our country as long as we follow through with the intentions of our founding fathers and continue to be the global leaders in Liberty. We are a strong, independent, and extremely resilient people, but if we do not monitor the direction in which our leaders are taking us and affect a national level of change, we are most certainly on our way to being a footnote in world history.

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  1. I would totally run for President, except for those pesky photos...