Saturday, October 30, 2010

"Time" to Update

It’s Saturday again, and for a rare occasion, I have the morning off with my boys. That’s great. I enjoy. Screaming baby? Not so much.
Well, tomorrow’s Halloween, so I hope you are all safe and sound tonight and tomorrow. Get lots of candy.

Something that I’ve been spending time with this week is the Back to the Future Trilogy on Blu Ray. Man, is it interesting. All three movies are included and each disc has hours of special features. If you’re a fan I definitely recommend it. The behind the scenes portions discuss what a surprise hit the first movie was and show several cutting edge (in 1985) techniques for their special effects. You should get a college credit for watching all of the extras. They play like a ‘History of Time Travel’ class, which I know we should all be interested in.

Speaking of, here are some interesting links for you.
Interesting “time-traveler” news, no? Maybe someday…


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