Friday, November 5, 2010

A Few Days Off

I decided that because Christmas is coming soon and my work schedule is going to be out of control, that I would take this weekend off. I was off yesterday, and I don’t go back until Monday afternoon, (except for that pesky hour and a half meeting on Sunday.) It’s my last chance to take any time off until January, and so far, I’ve enjoyed it.
Yesterday, we got up and took Grayson to his mother’s day out program then we went towards the mall and did some birthday party shopping for Sunday afternoon. Then last night my in-laws decided to watch both boys for a couple of hours so Stacey could go get her nails done so I tagged along. I got to check out the new Dick’s Sporting Goods (Meh.) and Gander Mountain, Best Buy, and Books-a-Million where I bought a couple of new comics (Invincible Volumes 12 and 13 if you’re curious.) It was nice. Then we went home and I watched DVRed episodes of How I Met Your Mother and cracked open a couple of cold beers. Great way to start off my stretch of days off.
Today has been busy too so far. I got up and played with the boys and read my new comics while Stacey was at work, then when she got home, my father-in-law and I headed to Benton to pick up some goats for the birthday party. Yeah, you heard right. Goats. Three of them. In a trailer. In my back yard. I just got finished moving our dog kennel over to the in-laws patio where the party will be taking place (we need a place to put the goats.) It’s been a busy two days and I know that tomorrow and Sunday will be busy too, but I absolutely love it. I need to hit that Powerball so I can stay home and do this kind of stuff all of the time. I really enjoy spending time with my wife and boys.
Alas, it’s time for me to go. I hear my lovely wife screaming at my oh-so-perfect son about something and I think I should go keep the peace.

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