Thursday, November 4, 2010

Movie Time

Stacey gave me a list of possible things to blog about. Basically, it’s a list created to give someone a subject for 30 days. I don’t like all of them, and some I think are completely stupid, so I’m going to pick and choose and see where that takes me.

Glancing through the list and the first topic that really popped out at me was “What is you favorite movie?” That’s a tough one. There are so many good movies. When it comes down to the brass tacks though, I feel like that your favorite movie should be a go to film; something that you watch when you can’t think of anything else to watch. I think you need to connect with the movie on an emotional level. Sure, I love the movie Braveheart, despite Mel Gibson’s constantly changing accent, but I don’t connect with it.
I would have to say that my very favorite movie is probably Clerks II. Weird choice, I know. The first Clerks movie was about two guys who worked in a convenience store and the choices they were making in their 20s to either stay there or move on and get more education. In Clerks II, the two guys, Dante and Randal, have hit their 30s and with their convenience store having burned down, they are left working at the local fast food restaurant, Mooby’s. This is absolutely not a kid friendly movie and not really a very adult friendly movie unless you’re completely depraved like me. Lots of cursing and making sex jokes. Very funny, but very off color.
Anyway, I really connect withy this movie because retail is a similar job to fast food. Low paying. No respect. Working with 18 year olds constantly. I truly understand the desire to have more and the ultimately feel a need to advance your station in life. I understand the appeal of gambling away everything to start over with a new life. I understand feeling stuck in a dead end job because you never could decide what you wanted to be when you grew up. I get it. All of it. I also understand what it’s like to have ridiculously vulgar friends and be the ridiculously vulgar friend. I know what it’s like to not have a care in the world but work and friends. I really feel like I ‘get’ this movie. It fires on all eight cylinders in my soul. I know, I know, it sounds completely hokey, but I love it. I laugh every time I watch this movie and when I get to the end it always leaves me wanting more. Wanting more of the movie and of these characters, and wanting more for myself and for my life.


  1. nice choice. Clerks two is ridiculously funny.

  2. Wow. I'm surprised by your choice here. I kinda figured you wouldn't go the Batman route, but I would not have picked Clerks 2 for you.

    Maybe it's because of all the Back to Future you've been watching.