Monday, March 7, 2011

Dark Night of the Soul, Issue 4

I've picked this story back up by request from my dad. Here are links to parts Issue 1, Issue 2, and Issue 3. I'm doing these as 200 word segments to a greater cohesive narrative, so ideally they'll all read together pretty seamlessly. Enjoy and check back soon for Issue 5!

I stumbled back to my tiny apartment on the west side of town and, for the first time, I felt the walls closing in on me. I was too proud to continue my jobs on the streets because of the corruption on the force, but I was too inexperienced and my reputation was too tainted from being a cop to get hired by any respectable private investigation firm. This dingy apartment was killing my soul and I never realized until I met that strange blonde. My life for the last few months was completely forgettable up until the moment she walked into my 
cluttered and confined office.

I’m not even sure how she found me. I wasn’t well known in the city, and the people who did know me, didn’t much care for me. In my time being a cop I had tried to singlehandedly bring the honor back to the department by playing by the real rules – not those designed and enforced by the crooked cops and ruthless mobsters that infected this town. I had made some powerful enemies, both inside and out, and at that point I knew it was time to retire from the force for good.

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