Friday, December 17, 2010

Dark Night of the Soul, Issue 1

As promised, today’s blog is a Fast Fiction using the word mayhem and containing exactly 200 words. I hope you enjoy it!.

          She was a blonde. The kind of blonde that made you want to give up drinking. She stumbled into my office on a dreary Sunday night. She said she had some work for me: a mystery of sorts. Her husband had gone missing and she wanted him found. I was reluctant to take her offer, but she promised a hefty payday though I hoped for so much more.

          As I pulled a bottle of scotch from my drawer and poured a glass she described the scene of her estranged husband’s disappearance. Broken bottles. Shattered windows. Furniture upended. Pure mayhem. It sounded like my kind of party. I asked her why she didn’t go the cops, but she just smiled and winked and pursed her lips together in a way that made me forget my question. This woman had my full attention, but I had no way of finding out what had happened.

My investigative business had not even opened, yet here I sat with the most stunning woman my eyes had ever seen. She wandered into my office looking for help and I was going to do my damnedest. It seems my luck was finally turning around. About damned time.

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