Thursday, November 25, 2010

Give Thanks

          Today is a day set aside for our country to give thanks for the things that we have. The United States is one of the wealthiest countries in the world and, truly, we have no idea how good we have it.
          We were founded because of religious persecution. We rebelled because of taxation. We tore ourselves apart because of states’ rights. We survived an economic meltdown. We helped the allies to a stunning victory. We put men on the moon. We have rallied and become stronger during our darkest times.
          Be proud of what this country is and what it has done in its short history. Be proud of our ancestors for blazing the trail to freedom, independence, and wealth. Be proud of the granite resolve of the American people. I give thanks for this country and those who have molded it and fought for it for over 200 years. We have our faults and our missteps, but we’re still the greatest country on this planet.
          I give thanks to my family. My parents and grandparents for creating a moral and ethical basis for everything I believe. Without Frances and Bernard, my father wouldn’t be who he is. Without Thomas and Pearl, my mother wouldn’t be who she is. These ingredients were thrown into a genetic cauldron and mixed; my sister, my brother, and myself being the result. I wouldn’t be who I am if it wasn’t for the strong influence of my parents and theirs. Without my siblings, I would’ve grown up lonely and quiet. I wouldn’t have had anyone to play blocks with in that old trailer. I wouldn’t have had anyone to make up goofy roleplaying games with on long car rides. Sarah and Matthew deserve a great deal of gratitude from me for not only sticking by me even when I’ve been a complete ass, but keeping me grounded and centered.
          Most importantly, I give thanks for my wife. Stacey, without you I wouldn’t have my two boys that are the light of my life.  Without you I would still be floating around lost. You’ve saved me from going down a true spiral of madness and your ability to put up with me and everything that comes along with me is nothing less than astonishing. I know I’m not an easy person to be around some days, but I want you to know that I appreciate you and I thank you for everything that you have done for me and our family. I love you more than words.
          Take a minute today and really think about what you’re thankful for and, if it’s people, let them know. Take in all the turkey you can, but before you slip into that tryptophan induced nap, consider all of the things great and small that have made you who you are and be truly thankful.

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