Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Yesterday I got a really detailed comment on my blog about 2nd Amendment rights. It’s definitely good to see that the things I write can make some people think, and I really do enjoy knowing that there are people reading. So, what I’m going to do today is repost that comment as a blog, but add in my own take on a few things. Jennifer is very intelligent and very well informed on things, so this is by no way trying to throw her under the bus.
          Well, here we go: (Jennifer's original comment is in the smaller font with my two cents in the normal font.)

I agree - it is the right of every law-abiding citizen to arm themselves (with proper training and certification). I have no problem keeping guns in my home as long as I know gun and bullets are not within reach of anyone not old enough or smart enough to know not to touch them. I admit that I don't like handguns. I've never been around them, my dad never had one and I'd prefer not to have one in my house, let alone carry one around. But again, that's my preference. Doesn't bother me at all if you do. And I too wouldn't have any problem ending the life of someone who is trying to break into my home and get me or my family. Good riddance. HOWEVER- Can we please do a better job in this country of keeping firearms out of the hands of criminals.
-That’s a tough one. Criminals by nature do not uphold the law. Any gun control statutes will be ignored by the people who are obtaining the guns to commit crimes with. If you’re going to murder someone, why would you be scared of an unlawful possession charge. Gun control only hurts the law abiding citizens.

 I believe the right to bear arms should ONLY apply to those citizens who have not committed crimes. I think if you break the law and commit certain crimes (theft, murder, rape, selling serious drugs, etc.)you should lose your right to bear arms. Period.
-Technically, those rights can be taken away. Certain felons for instance are not allowed to own any sort of firearms. Also, a background check must be run for a person to qualify to carry a concealed weapon.

And I don't know if everyone should get and carry a gun around just because they can. I know you've met some of these morons that walk the earth - I personally don't want to encourage all of them to walk around with a gun. ;)
-This is an extremely valid point but, I think that if you can carry you should. I definitely agree with making sure people who carry have at least some formal training. I also feel that there are people who may be as dumb as a rock, but still know how to handle a weapon and treat it responsibly. If you knew that 90% of the population carried a firearm, how likely would you be to commit a crime? If you were a robber and you knew that the family on the left side of the street was a gun toting household and the family on the right was not, which house would you target? Criminals are not, generally, as dumb as we think they are.

And, I think guns are something that you really should grow up around, learn to handle properly at a young age (not just starting in adulthood) to really be comfortable with and know how to handle. Maybe some people can learn later, but I got my hunting license when I was about 12 - and I'd plan to do the same if I had kids. Sounds bad to some people to be teaching a 12 year old how to handle a firearm, but that may be the best time to teach them the proper respect for them. Jennifer C.
-I very much agree with the sentiment that we should teach our children as soon as you feel they are mature enough to responsibly handle a weapon. I do not that that 12 years old is too young. I would love to take my 8 year old nephew out the .22 sometime. It’s definitely a maturity thing. Also, make it so that you family feels safe around guns. The instructor for my concealed class let his children see his guns anytime they asked to. He taught them the rules and safety measures of course but by removing that taboo factor from firearms makes children a lot less curious. If they know all they have to do is ask, why would they go after it without asking?

Up until 2006 I could count on my hands how many times I hand fired a gun. Most of my experience was in the form of a .22 rifle, but I did earn my Shotgun and my Rifle merit badges in Boyscouts. It’s absolutely something that can be learned later in life. I don’t even think that would be a disadvantage at all because as you get older you really understand mortality more in depth and you’re less likely to make a stupid mistake.

Jennifer, thank you so much for reading and for the input. I really appreciate your comments. You and I have some different views on things, but that’s what makes it interesting. Hopefully I’ve made you think about things as much as you have me.

I like this mailbag idea. I’m definitely going to try to do it more often so keep the comments coming in and you can see me discuss in more detail the subject on which you commented.

Thanks again for reading!


  1. I'm famous! :) Seriously, this is a good idea and good way to encourage discussion. Like you said, we may have different views, but I think we both appreciate and respect a good conversation about those differences.